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Golden Triangle

The little village on the banks of the Mekong River, which is actually called Sob Ruak, stands as the symbol for the Golden Triangle. About three quarters of the world´s opium used to be produced in the Golden Triangle, a region that includes hundreds of square kilometers in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.
The history of opium and the opium trade is very well documented in the Hall of Opium.

An impressive exhibition with many multimedia shows invites the visitor to take part in a dark part of Thai history. 

The Opium Museum in the village next to the temple is rather uninteresting.

Hall of Opium - Attractions
Hall of Opium (GoldenTriangle)
Rates: 100 to 100 Baht

The Hall of Opium (Ban Fin Museum) was opened by the Queen´s Mother in 1988. The Golden Triangle was once infamous worldwide for its poppy fields, drug smugglers, and opium warlords. Throughout the 1960s to early 1990s, the Golden Triangle supplied most of the world's heroin. At the Hall of Opium, visitors learn about the 5000 year history of opium. When opium was used as a healing drug and how its use spread throughout the world, how imperialist expansion used opium in the economic colonization and control of China, and how it eventually came to dominate in the Golden Triangle. The impressive exhibition is bilingual and absolutely worth a visit.

You can rent speedboats and take a tour on the Mekong River. Upon request the boats also take you to Laos, where you can get off in Donsai, You cannot actually go into the village itself just stay along the bank of the river where merchants sell souvenirs, such as handbags, flip flops, sarongs  and not to forget snake whiskey; snakes infused in alcohol. Some food stalls prepare Laotian food adjusted to the tourist taste.  The boat is about 100-200 Baht per person and the entry fee to Laos is 40 Baht. The casino on the Laotian side has a shuttle boat south of the village.
This destination is not an official border entry to Laos, therefore not suitable  for Visa Runs either. For those who want to enter Laos, you have to take the boat in Chiang Khan.
Various sorts of accommodations can be found in and around  the village of Rob Suak. There's a five star resort with Elephant Camp, the Anantara,  along with small hotels and guest houses.

During the day the Golden Triangle is crowded with tourists whereas the evenings are rather quiet and restaurants and food stalls close early.

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