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Two strong Men are not enough

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t-Globe Thailand -- The tailor-made travel guide book

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Destiny is decided in the split of a second:
From the passing car Richard recognizes Max resting in front of Mali Blues Guesthouse near Thung Wua Laen Beach in Chumphon.
Two men happen to meet again after more than five years.
They don't know yet, but today both are prepared to fulfill their common dream of more than 10 years ago -- to produce the ultimate online travel guidebook. 

As if she knew about the significance of the meeting, Khun Chananya captures this moment in a historic photograph.
Without words the two men know deep inside that this is a historic moment for both of them.
Together they will produce the software and data for the first tailor made travel guide book. 
Both men are inspired by a future-oriented project, which will tie them together for years. With their enthusiasm they will inspire a community of travellers, writers, photographers and people working in the tourism industry.
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