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Caves around Krabi

Destination: Krabi

Lively Town with Lovely People

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Not only are the islands in the Andaman Sea   spectacular, but so are the caves on the mainland around Krabi.

Below please find a summary of the ones worth a visit.

Caves near Ao Luk

Tham Lot - Attractions
Tham Lot (ถ้ำลอด) (Krabi)

Tham Lot is situated in Ao Luk District in Krabi Province. It is accessed from the tidal mangrove river Tha Pring. This cave with its lovely stalactites is worth a visit. It is no way as interesting as other caves in the area.
The best time to go is at high tide.

Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek, Krabi 81110

Tham Pee Hua To - Attractions
Tham Pee Hua To (ถ้ำผีหัวโต) (Krabi)

Tham Pee Hua To is just 500 meters from Tham Lot and surrounded by mangrove swamps.
There are two different paths inside the cave. On the left lies the shortcut to the back of the cave where sunlight shines through, and on the right is a path to a natural hall believed to have been a shelter for prehistoric people. Prehistoric paintings of men and animals. Numerous seashells can be seen in the cave.

Moo 2, Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek, Krabi 81110

Tham Klang - Attractions
Tham Klang (ถ้ำคลัง) (Krabi)

Tham Klang is one of the most beautiful caves in Thailand. It is very easily accessible and poses no danger whatsoever.

Tham Klang features the most beautiful stalagmites and stalactites of different kinds that can be visited in less than one hour. Most remarkable are the grisly hair stalactites of one to two millimeters in diameter. Absolutely unique are the stalactite hairs dangling from the ceiling invisible to the unsuspecting eye. Other highlights in the cave are the "Viewpoint" and the "Dome", the small fishpond at the "end" after 45 minutes in the cave, and the myriads of drinking straw stalactites growing from the ceiling 2 to 3 meters in height.
For cave freaks we mention that the cave is said to be 4 hours deep, but such a trip has to be arranged long in advance, best with the guide Gaeng and the cave freak Richard from Khao Lak who are waiting for an expedition to be put together.

Turn off at KM stone 144.4 of highway H4, just 4 1/2 km south of Ao Luk junction. Drive 1 1/2 km down the asphalt road until the turnoff to the left which leads to the entrance within a few hundred meters on a gravel road. Next to the parking area is the resident guide's house. There are two caves accessible from the parking area. The right one an underground river which is said to be navigable by canoe for 2 hours. The left one is Tham Klang whose entrance is nearly hidden behind some greenery.

Tham Hua Kalok - Attractions
Tham Hua Kalok (ถ้ำหัวกะโหลก) (Krabi)

Tham Hua Kalok is split into two main sections accessible by a single entrance. The left section is the larger cavern lit by a small opening in the top. The right section is an open hall which many believe was once the dwelling of pr-historic people.

Inside the right section there are over 70 rock paintings portraying both people and animals. Also found in the cave were several large skulls and a large pile of shells. This cave is very close so go along the same route to Tham Lot.

Ban Bo Tho, Ao Luk, Krabi

Even though it is not a spectacular cave as such, make sure you visit Wat Tham Sua - The Tiger Cave Temple close to Krabi Town.

Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave) (Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave)) (Krabi)

Wat Tham Sua is also known as Tiger Cave. Inside the cave there are what appears to be tiger paw prints in the stone. It's situated in the middle of a lush forest with enormous and ancient trees.

The surrounding area is covered with large trees most of them hundreds of years old, particularly in the Khiriwong Valley. Mountains are on all sides and there are many smaller caves. Walk straight through and take the steps to your left, opposite the white Buddha statue. The main tourist attraction in the temple complex is the 1,272 step climb up a limestone mountain to see the footprint of the Buddha. Even if you are in good shape the heat and humidity make this a difficult hike. Once you make it to the top, you are rewarded with stunning 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside and the Andaman Sea.

Wat Tham Sua is 9 km. north of Krabi Town.


Local travel agents offer tours to the national parks and caves. If you want to go individually hire a taxi for the day or rent a car or motorbike and drive yourself.
More Caves
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Tham Khao Kluai (Tham Khao Kluai) (Krabi)

Located at KM 9,2 on H 4039 you will find the cool cave called Tham Khao Kluai.

Diamond Cave - Attractions
Not Rated
Phra Nang Beach Cave - Attractions
Not Rated
Phra Nang Beach Cave (Cave at Phra Nang Beach) (Krabi)

Phra Nang Beach Cave lies at the far end of Rai Leh Beach with its stunning sand and clear water, is only accessible by boat.

Although visitors flock to this beach year-round this cave is still extremely pristine and considered to be the most attractive one in the area. The Inner and Outer Phra Nang Caves and Phra Nang Lagoon are close by and offer some truly spectacular views. You can also enjoy a number of activities in and around Phra Nang Beach such as rock climbing, hiking, snorkeling and diving.

Not Rated
Tham Chao Le (Tham Chao Le - Aew) (Krabi)

Tham Chao Le is a beautiful cave adorned with stalactites and stalagmites as well as prehistoric cave paintings depicting people, animals, and various geometrical shapes.

These paintings are assumed to have been painted after those of Tham Phi Hua To and are surrounded by mountains and picturesque islands.

Tham Chao Le is located to the west of Leam Sak.

Tham Sra Kaew - Attractions
Not Rated
Tham Sra Kaew (Tham Sra Kaew) (Krabi)

Tham Sra Kaeo is situated close to the village of Ban Nai Sa (28 km northeast of Krabi).

The name means crystal spring and 2 km north of the Cave, these ponds can be visited. The whole mountain has various caves.

Tham Sra Kaew is about 28 kilometers from Krabi town

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