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Phayao the small capital of Phayao Province is situated at the banks of Kwan Phayao a 6 km long and 4 km wide lake. In the background a mountain range with peaks of up to 1900 meters pile up. There is the water temple on a small island in the lake, you can hire a boat for 30 Baht.
Phayao is not frequented by tourists and still has the charme of a small town. However on weekends Thai tourists find their way here. Moreover Phayao is the meeting point for bikers. On weekends you can find all kinds of big bikes lined along the lake.
The restaurants and bars along the lake offer fresh river prawns, oysters and fish.
Just stroll along the lake, take a rest here and there  and enjoy the breeze and the view.

Phayao Cultural Exhibition Hall is the Town Museum and shows the history of Phayao.

On the other side of the lake  - about 20 kms from the village an interesting jungle temple awaits you, Wat Anayalao.

An easily accessible waterfall is located along the road to Wiang Klang.

Wat Analayao - Attractions
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Wat Analayao (วัดอนาลโย) (Phayao)

The temple is about 20 kms out of town, from its highest peak you have a nice view on Phayao and the lake. The temple area is big and you can spend hours strolling through the jungle and finding just another shrine around the next corner. The temple combines Hindu, Chinese and Thai elements.

Phayao Cultural Exhibition Hall - Attractions
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Phayao Cultural Exhibition Hall (หอวัฒนธรรมนิทัศน์) (Phayao)

Champa Thong Waterfall - Attractions
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Champa Thong Waterfall (น้ำตกจำปาทอง) (Phayao)

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