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A samlor (sam = three, lor = wheel) can either be a bicycle ricksha driven by muscle power or a tuk-tuk with a two-stroke engine.
Tuk-tuks are modified Japanese motorcycles with three wheels who are named after their roaring sounds. They make this noise with their smelly two-stroke engine when the gearbox changes to neutral. The passengers sit on a bench behind the driver. Two adults with their luggage can just fit in. In the countryside, however, you can see tuk-tuks which transport many more people.

The fare should be negotiated before getting in (three stretched out fingers meaning 30 Baht, four fingers 40 Baht and so on). They are used in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Trang and in many other cities. In Phuket they are replaced by a four seated, 'environmentally friendly' four-stroke transportation..
For your orientation: 50 Baht for a short journey in a city
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