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Typical Prices in Thailand

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In recent years prices remained relatively stable with an average inflation rate between 2% and 5.5% (in 2009). However, this has been achieved with the help of government price-capping for certain consumer goods.

If rice, mama noodles or cooking oil prices go up this may constitute a drama for some consumers.

Cost of living for a Thai:

Drinking water (20 liters) 10 Baht
Softdrink (0.3 l) 10-12 Baht
Beer (0.5 l) 50-70 Baht
Noodle soup 20-30 Baht
Curry dish, fried rice 25-50 Baht
Gasoline (1 liter) 39 Baht
Taxi ride (up to 2 km in Bangkok) 35 Baht
Airport taxi (80 km) 1500 Baht

Air-conditioned bus (700 km) about 500 Baht
National Park entrance 20 Baht
Entrance National Museum 5 Baht
Rooms in a guest house from 600 Baht
Hotel rooms 600-5000 Baht

More information about Money:

Costs for a Tourist:

Drinking water (1 liter) 7-35 Baht
Softdrink (0.3 l) 10-30 Baht
Beer (0.5 l) 50-120 Baht
Noodle soup 20-50 Baht
Curry dish, fried rice 30-150 Baht
Gasoline (1 liter) 39 Baht
Taxi ride (up to 2 km in Bangkok) 35 Baht
Airport taxi (80 km) 1500 Baht
Rent a Car per day 900-1500 Baht
VIP bus (700 km) around 1000 Baht
National Park Entrance 200 Baht
National Museum entrance 30 Baht
Rooms in a guest house from 200 Baht
Rooms in a Midscale Hotel 800-3000 Baht


Drinking water


Noodle soup

Typical rice dishes

Fried rice

Petrol station

Tuk tuk taxi

Airconditioned bus
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