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Chiang Rai Province

Chiang Rai Province is the Northernmost Province in Thailand. With its cooler tropical climate during the winter months it is ideal for agriculture, not only rice is  grown here but also sunflowers, cotton,  oranges, strawberries and tobacco.
The province´s capital Chiang Rai still has small town character despite modern shopping malls on the outskirts. The city center still consists of some old teak wood houses, a variety of restaurants, hotels and guest houses as well as a Night Bazaar.

The extraordinary clock tower was  built by famous Thai architect Chalerchai, who has also built the white temple about 6 km outside the city in Ban Rong Khum, which is  worth a visit. 

Chiang Mai has plenty of things to offer and is a good starting point to explore the province.

Chiang Rai Clocktower - Attractions
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Chiang Rai Clocktower (ChiangRai)

The new clock tower was build by Ajarn Chalermchai, the famous Thai artist who built the White Temple - Wat Rong Khun. Light shows take place between 19.00 and 21.00.

Wat Rongkhun - White Temple (ChiangRai)

Wat Rong Khun is mostly known as the White Temple. The famous Thai artist, Ajarn Chakermchai Kosipipat has been working on this temple since 1996 and the project is supposed to go on for 90 years.
Unlike other Thai temples, it is influenced by contemporary art. The artist explains the white colour with purity and the use of the mirrors is a symbol of wisdom reflecting Lord Buddha´s enlightenment. The artist´s art gallery is also part of the temple compound. Admission is free.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai also stands for the famous Golden Triangle - the myth of the Opium trade. The little Village Rob Suak that stands for the Golden Triangle offers a nice view over the river and you can do a long tail boat tour on Maekhong River. A must is a visit at The Hall of Opium 2 kms outside the village. An impressive exhibition takes you through the history of the Opium trade.

Hall of Opium - Attractions
Hall of Opium (GoldenTriangle)
Rates: 100 to 100 Baht

The Hall of Opium (Ban Fin Museum) was opened by the Queen´s Mother in 1988. The Golden Triangle was once infamous worldwide for its poppy fields, drug smugglers, and opium warlords. Throughout the 1960s to early 1990s, the Golden Triangle supplied most of the world's heroin. At the Hall of Opium, visitors learn about the 5000 year history of opium. When opium was used as a healing drug and how its use spread throughout the world, how imperialist expansion used opium in the economic colonization and control of China, and how it eventually came to dominate in the Golden Triangle. The impressive exhibition is bilingual and absolutely worth a visit.

Chiang Rai is also known for its coffee and tea plantations. Visit the village of Mae Salong, an ancient Chinese colony on top of the mountain.
Several hill tribes live in the mountains of Chiang Rai. Mae Fah Luang and the Doi Tung Palace are just some more reasons to explore Thailand´s northernmost interesting province.
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