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Lampang Province has borders with Chiang Mai, Chaing Rai, Lamphun, Phrae, Phayao and Sukhothai. Nakhon Lampang as the capital is often referred to is the third largest city in Northern Thailand, located in the valley of the River Wang. 

In the 7th century Lampang was part of  Haripunchai kingdom of the Mon, with its capital Lamphun. Occupied by Khmer in the 11th century and King Mengrai incorporated Lampang and Lamphun into the Lanna  Kingdom in 1292. From the 16th to the 18th century Lampang was under Burmese rule before it became part of Siam in 1892.

Lampang was an important center of the timber industry in the early 20th century and saw an influx of migrants from British-controlled Burma. The horse-drawn carriage is one of the most memorable symbols and so is the architecture in the old part of the village.

Many temples show elements of Burmese architecture. The Khomsom House, a concrete house built in 1920 on  Taladkao Road, which  was the heart of the center in former times, gives an impression of how beautiful the old city must have been back then. If you walkl there you can still imagine the mix of Thai, Burmese, British and Chinese merchants.

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Ceramic Museum Lampang - Attractions
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Ceramic Museum Lampang (Lampang)

Lampang Ceramic Museum shows the making of the village's most famous goods - ceramics. There is a showroom as well and the house gives the visitors a glimpse of ancient life in the Lanna Kingdom.

Chae Son National Park - Attractions
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Chae Son National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติแจ้ซ้อน) (Lampang)
Rates: 200 Baht

Chae Son National Park in Lampang Province is located about 60 km from Lampang and can also be accessed from Chiang Mai Province. Chae Son National Park is Thailand´s 58th National Park founded in 1988. The Park features trekking routes, a waterfall you can bathe in and a 81 degree hot spring which is cooled down so you can enjoy a dip in the healing water. Bungalows and camp facilities are part of Chae Son National Park. For bookings and further information contact; or

Chae Son Sub-district, Amphur Muang Pan Lampang Thailand 52240 Tel. 0 5438 0000, 08 9851 3355 Fax 0 5438 0457 (VoIP) E-mail

Elephant Riding
Elephant Conservation Center - Services
Tel.: 054 829 333
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Elephant Conservation Center (Lampang)

Elephant Conservation Center was opened in 1993 under Royal Patronage. They also feature the first mobile elephant clinic in Thailand. Thai Elephant Conservation Center is the only governmental Elephant Camp in Thailand. The entrance fee is 200 Baht. Check out more on their website.

Km. 28-29 Lampang-Chiang Mai Highway, Hang Chat, Lampang, 52190
Tel.: 054 829 333

Lampang is famous for its ceramics and a museum shows the production history. There are more than 100 ceramic factories in the province. Moreover lignite is mined and Thailand´s biggest power plant is situated in Lampang Province.
Chae Son and Doi Son Khan are National Parks in Lampang Province. Its highest peak is Doi Luang with an altitude of 1950 meters. The Elephant Conservation Center and The Elephant Hospital are also part of Lampang Province.
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